SEMA 2015: The Biggest and Baddest


The 2015 SEMA show is officially in the books. Actually, it's almost a week old and we're just now getting to a story about it. SEMA does that to you - like going through puberty, it changes a person. You're not quite the same afterwards because it's an overwhelming and quite exhausting experience. Luckily, this wasn't our first rodeo and we had a few tricks up our … [Read more...]

Holley LS Fest 2015


Holley's LS Fest is one incredible show. If you haven't heard about it, it's the celebration of the Chevy LS motor. Any car powered by an LS engine is able to enter and compete, and you'd be surprised at what shows up! The LS platform launched in the late 1990's, but didn't gain the popularity it has now for a few years. Once gearheads started to figure out their power … [Read more...]

Why Does The Hellcat Challenger Have 707 HP?

Hellcat Challenger Because it can! Also, to shut up all the people saying that the Challenger was too big compared to the other muscle cars therefore too slow! Instead of making the car smaller, Mopar decided to throw a massive fire-breathing engine under the hood and show the Chevy and Ford folks that the Challenger isn't to be taken lightly! Jay Leno does a … [Read more...]

2015 Mustang GT Review

2015 Ford Mustang The 2015 Mustang brought about an entire face lift, which was a bit controversial. Some hardcore Mustang enthusiasts hated the new look, but here at Late Model Garage we loved it! The new design has a refined, yet aggressive look that still screams "Mustang." This video is a very in depth review of the new 'Stang, with complete footage of … [Read more...]

2017 Camaro Testing On Nurburgring!

2017 Camaro Chevy is at it again, competing with Ford and Mopar to have the biggest, baddest muscle car on the street. With the launch of the 6th Generation Camaro, they are pulling out all the stops. Here's a quick video of the 2017 Camaro testing at the Nurburgring. The video is labeled as a ZL1, but we haven't confirmed that ourselves. The camouflage wrap … [Read more...]

Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge: Fontana 2015


The last race before the invitational of the Ulitmate Street Car Challenge is officially in the books! This race was the absolute last shot to make it to Vegas, and it shows. A record number of cars were there racing, and it was a record amount of heat too. Temperatures soared well above 100 degrees, especially standing on blacktop. Even with the heat, the racing was still … [Read more...]

The End Is Nier: Andrew Nier’s 2012 Ford Mustang


The rise of a need drives innovation. Innovation is what brings a new level of achievement. For Andrew Nier, his 2012 Mustang was the object that needed innovation to reach a new level of achievement. When he reached the peak performance in his 'Stang, he started the upgrades. When he thought that he was 'Nier' the end, drive would rear it's head and create innovation … [Read more...]

High Heels and Turbo’s: Krystal Earl’s 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra


Twin turbo's. Those two words are enough to strike fear into just about any gearhead. Twin turbochargers means that your car means business, and isn't here to play. The sound of them spooling up is just about all you'll hear before seeing a set of tail lights fade into the distance. For Krystal Earl, she knows the sound and adrenaline rush of twin turbo's in her 1999 … [Read more...]