High Heels and Turbo’s: Krystal Earl’s 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

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Twin turbo’s. Those two words are enough to strike fear into just about any gearhead. Twin turbochargers means that your car means business, and isn’t here to play. The sound of them spooling up is just about all you’ll hear before seeing a set of tail lights fade into the distance.

For Krystal Earl, she knows the sound and adrenaline rush of twin turbo’s in her 1999 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. Now Krystal, is already an anomaly in the car world – she’s a girl. That doesn’t scare her though, in fact, she loves to be the person to scare others in her wicked ‘Stang. She’s a gearhead through and through, owning several other Mustangs in the past along with a host of other cars. In fact, she’s also the President and Co-Founder of Rebel Stangs car club, which is nationwide and already has over 400 members.

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And the mod’s begin…

Five years ago Earl picked up this slick black SVT. She enjoyed it and drove it a lot, but knew that she needed to make it hers and to make it the baddest ‘Stang on the streets. To start this journey, Earl started on the exterior of the car, with some simple upgrades.

To modernize the looks of the car a bit, she put on a new hood, bumper, rear bumper, and wheels from a 2003 Cobra. She then added a little more style by adding Saleen side scoops and S351 Saleen rear spoiler.


With the outside just to her liking, she wanted the inside to look just as good. Tossing the factory seats aside, she installed a set of Recaro racing seats to keep her firmly planted when going around corners. She also ended up adding a few extra gauges to keep tabs on the motor, such as an Air/Fuel ratio gauge and boost gauge. A four-point roll was also installed to increase the safety of the ‘Stang.

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Keeping the good sounds coming she installed a Kenwood CD player with Memphis speakers. To supply the power to speakers she installed two amplifiers, and completed the sound system with a single 12″ subwoofer.

Power Plant

Once the appearance of the car was up to Earl’s standards, the time came to get the power in line as well. She started by having Evod Garage yank the motor and complete a full rebuild. While they were in there, they bored and stroked the motor into a 5.0 Liter with the help of a Kellog crank and Oliver billet rods and CP 17 CC dished pistons. A Livernois crank scraper and Melling billet oil pump ensure the five-oh gets plenty of Lucas oil all the way around.

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Exhaust on this Cobra is vented through a set of shorty headers, through the turbo’s and into a set of custom made straight pipes with Magnaflow tips. Believe us, the car sounds like an absolute beast, even putting down the street.

The turbo’s themselves are a set of¬†57MM snails that Earl was very particular about. She didn’t want them mounted in the engine bay, she wanted them mounted low and out of the way. The result is that she can pop off her front bumper and show them off, yet they remain hidden and out of sight from the casual passerby.

Finishing off the upgrades, Evod installed an intercooler and Bird Family Tire installed the¬†Fluidyne radiator and the fuel system. Making sure the motor gets enough juice they upgraded to 60 lb. injectors and two Walbro fuel pumps with a Lethal Performance return line system. All this hard work paid off when the motor reached over 600 HP and 600 lb.-ft. of torque on the dyno, more than doubling the factory motor’s output!

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Connecting the motor to the transmission is a McLeod RST HD clutch with a MGW short shifter and 3.55 gears. Evod also installed a one piece driveshaft to keep all the power going in the right direction.

Like all gearheads, Krystal’s Cobra is never done. She has plans to upgrade more on the car, starting off with a new set of rims to make the car look even more Sinister. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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Thank You’s

Krystal wanted to thank all her sponsors and friends that helped to make the car happen: Evod Garage, Bird Family Tire & Auto, Redline Motorsports, Lucas Oil, Kar Motorsports and especially all her friends in the Rebel Stangs!

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