The End Is Nier: Andrew Nier’s 2012 Ford Mustang

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage084

The rise of a need drives innovation. Innovation is what brings a new level of achievement. For Andrew Nier, his 2012 Mustang was the object that needed innovation to reach a new level of achievement. When he reached the peak performance in his ‘Stang, he started the upgrades. When he thought that he was ‘Nier’ the end, drive would rear it’s head and create innovation again.

In 2005 Ford introduced the latest Mustang in it’s line, the fifth generation. This was the latest and baddest Mustang to ever hit the streets – a stock GT packs an all-aluminum 5.0 Liter with a conservative manufacture rated 420 HP and 390 lb.-ft. of torque. In stock trim the car is capable of sub-14 second runs down the quarter mile. For Andrew Nier, this was only the beginning of his Mustang’s journey.

“My Mustang was an evolutionary build as my driving skill improved,” Nier told us. When he first started tracking it at local events, the drive pushed him to upgrade his brake pads and throw in some new springs. This led to further suspension upgrades, a custom aero package and other modifications. “I’m just now starting to work on upgrading the power,” stated Nier.


One of Nier’s first upgrades was the suspension. While the factory suspension is adequate for most, Nier reached it’s potential and needed more. He started with a set of H&R Race springs to get the stance right and stiffen things up. A set of Koni Sport struts were added at all four corners to compliment the springs and make the car handle like it’s on rails. The rear OEM panhard bar was removed in favor of a Whiteline Watt’s Link suspension. A set Whiteline Flatout sway bars were added as well, to round out the suspension package.

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage043

Putting all that suspension to good use is a set of Forgestar F14 wheels, 18×10’s all the way around. A set of Falken Azenis tires wraps the wheels, 295/40/R18’s on every corner as well. A set of six-piston Wilwood calipers with slotted rotors make sure this Pony can stop in it’s tracks.

“The car has been lightened over 200 pounds since I bought it,” explained Nier. He’s removed the rear seat, lighter front Corebeau FX-1 Pro Seats and harnesses, a lighter battery, wheels and anything else they could remove yet still keeping the car a street-legal daily driver.


Even though the major engine modifications are yet to come, Nier has still helped squeeze out a few more ponies. To help the motor breathe he installed an Airaid cold-air intake, along with a Magnaflow Competition Series catback exhaust.

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage062

On the dyno this netted him 403 lb.-ft. of torque at 6,000 RPM, and 389 HP at 5,000 RPM. A nice improvement over stock that sounds like a roaring tiger. Again, the drive is forcing innovation and Nier plans on swapping in a Ford Performance crate engine in the near future. All the ponies are put through an ACT 6-Puck Clutch, with the help of a Barton Industries shifter.  The shifter was converted to a solid mount set-up with the help of a Blowfish Racing shifter support bracket, for crisp and precise shifts every time.

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage030


Looking at the pictures, you might have noticed that Nier’s Mustang has a few modifications to help it cut through the wind. Namely, a massive wing hanging off the trunk that’s from APR Performance. In order to help keep the air flowing around his car, he also has a carbon fiber front fascia with brake cooling ducts, all from TruFiber. Any air that does get under the car gets sucked out by a custom made Hillbank rear diffuser, which has already been revised since these shots were taken.

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage027

Track and Street Time

Andrew is a pretty quiet guy. He works in an office in Los Angeles, and isn’t very vocal at the races. Don’t let his demeanor fool you – he’s one bad ass on the track. In the beginning of the 2014 season, he was a nobody in the racing world. By 2015 he strikes fear into every competitor that sees him pull into the races. In just a short time he’s raced quite a few Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge events, placing 10th in his first attempt and 3rd in his second. We also see him at all the NMCA events – he just loves to beat the snot out of the car on the track! His goal is to have the fastest street-driven Mustang on the West Coast.

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage094

Nier isn’t afraid to drive the car daily either. It’s still his daily driver, cruising the streets in downtown LA everyday. He even drove it all the way to Pittsburgh for an USCA race last year, suffering from a broken clutch. He was able to get it fixed seven minutes before the final race, earning him a spot at the Vegas event later that year.

Keep an eye out for Nier in and his Mustang – especially if he’s in your rearview mirror. For now, check out the gallery of pictures below.

2012 Mustang GT Hillbank Nier Ford Late Model Garage086