Why Does The Hellcat Challenger Have 707 HP?

Hellcat Challenger

https://youtu.be/MWMjR3r-nsI Because it can! Also, to shut up all the people saying that the Challenger was too big compared to the other muscle cars therefore too slow! Instead of making the car smaller, Mopar decided to throw a massive fire-breathing engine under the hood and show the Chevy and Ford folks that the Challenger isn't to be taken lightly! Jay Leno does a … [Read more...]

2015 Mustang GT Review

2015 Ford Mustang

https://youtu.be/dNuqJjovSvM The 2015 Mustang brought about an entire face lift, which was a bit controversial. Some hardcore Mustang enthusiasts hated the new look, but here at Late Model Garage we loved it! The new design has a refined, yet aggressive look that still screams "Mustang." This video is a very in depth review of the new 'Stang, with complete footage of … [Read more...]

2017 Camaro Testing On Nurburgring!

2017 Camaro

https://youtu.be/37XozVb9VMk Chevy is at it again, competing with Ford and Mopar to have the biggest, baddest muscle car on the street. With the launch of the 6th Generation Camaro, they are pulling out all the stops. Here's a quick video of the 2017 Camaro testing at the Nurburgring. The video is labeled as a ZL1, but we haven't confirmed that ourselves. The camouflage wrap … [Read more...]